Hanibaal Diab - Senior Web Developer

Specialist in Facebook app development for social media marketing

Excellent skills in web Developer for Business Applications

CMS expert for building interative websites that are mobile friendly

(available to Hire)

Mobile: 0422 817 733

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Hanibaal is a programmer from Melbourne, Australia.

He has been working as a software developer since 1999 and in recent years he has been specialising in web development and social media application using Facebook api.

He has worked on many web applications/sites ranging from few hours jobs to projects that spans over few months.

He has more than 10 years experience managing projects as a team/technical leader.

In the educational department, Hanibaal holds a Bachelor in Computer Engineering (majoring in software development) and a (MBA) Master Degree in Business Administration.

Skills Summary

Hanibaal's skills set are but not limited to the following:

Rating Experience
PHP (CakePHP Framework for rapid development) 8/10 8+ yrs
Javascript & Ajax ( JQuery, backbonejs) 8/10 8+ yrs
Database Design/development (MSSQL & MYSQL) 8/10 8+ yrs
HTML4/5, CSS2/3 (include Responsive Design) 8/10 8+ yrs
Agile methodology 6/10 1+ yrs
Cloud - AWS, EC2, RDS 6/10 1+ yrs
Microsoft .NET Framework (Asp.Net & C# ) 6/10 4+ yrs
Flash/Flex Builder/Actionscript 6/10 3+ yrs
Usability Design Skills (GUI) 7/10 7+ yrs
Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) 7/10 7+ yrs
Graphical Design Tools (Photoshop/Illustrator) 6/10 5+ yrs
C/C++ 7/10 5+ yrs
Object Oriented Design/Programming 6/10 4+ yrs

Work Experience

Peazie Social Media (Nov 2011 - 2013)

Lead the team of development during the startup face.

  • Been responsible for identifying the technologies needed and helped architect solutions for building a new platform that helps designers to create Facebook app (page tabs) without coding using drag and drag, familier design tools and simple configuration.
  • Together with the team we have built the infrastructure for deploying test and production environment using aws cloud (EC2, S3, RDS, Route53). We used Jenkins for automation, Bitbucket for source code Confluence for documentation and Jira (include Greenhopper) for project management and agile practice.
  • Taken it on the challenge to building a editor for designing facebook application without coding. this was accomplished by extending backbonejs framework to manage the data, jQuery for visual interactive. The tasks was simplified for designers by relying on created element mainly from graphics objects, this include building element for gallery, video player, page management, templates, form builder, competition tools and the list goes on.
  • Helped Build the reporting engine by capturing valuable interaction and data from users activities on the app and combine them with facebook insights to give unique and valuable data for campaign managers.
  • Despite the simplicity of the designer, we still challenged by clients to deliver advance solution for their campaigns, so I was responsible to design and extend the platform to deliver tailored solution for individual requirement.

Interlex Solutions (March 2006 - 2009)

Senior Software Developer responsible for managing 3 to 5 programmers and worked on developing various web and software applications.

  • Have helped securing a contract between Interlex and Deloitte. Deloitte is one of the world largest accounting firms. Deloitte needed to develop an innovative idea which I have help in refining the idea then designed and delivered the project.
  • Step in on more than one occasion to help rescue projects that are behind on time.
  • Improve the process at Interlex by introducing source control to backup and manage code among multiple programmers/designers. (used source safe for asp.net project and subversion for others

Part-Time Freelancing (2003-2005)

While studying my MBA I have taken on few small projects.

  • Developed Nutrition Analyser (Desktop application for diet tracking and Nutrition Analysis application). Technology used C++ Builder.
  • Developed Recipe Manager (Desktop application for organising recipes) Technology used C++ Builder.
  • Developed SPGrader (Desktop application for grading accounting student) Technology used C++ Builder.
  • Developed few websites. Technology used HTML/CSS/PHP

Space Time Research (1998-2002)

In addition to software development using visual c++ and windows programming I have been a team leader for 3 out of the 4 years at Space Time Research

I have help achieve the following:

  • Stabilise their core applications by reducing the deficiencies and improving functionalities
  • Improve user's experience by simplifying the GUI (Graphical User Interface) as well as I have helped formalise the GUI development process
  • Been responsible in localising their core products by introducing multi-lingual engine


Master of Business Administration (part time)

2003-2006 Latrobe University

Bachelor of Computer System Engineering with Honours

1995-1998 Latrobe University